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Nice animation. :)

And nice use of the Source Engine sound effects ;)

the music

it's good, but the music is really annoying.

Also, why does the background change?

Thats great!

Thats really cool, but this belongs on youtube.

jpoke89 responds:

I've been told, lol.

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There's a leak in the ray tracing

There's a leak where the data goes:

Try reducing the interval for testing the points along the ray.

TheUnknownAggregate responds:

Well consider at the time I wrote this the typical 1GHz Duron XP machine could barely run what I submitted here, much less anything with a finer interval. So, rather than have NG users yell at me "OMG UR FLASH HUNG MY BROWSER BLAM" I made the interval wide. Also consider that ActionScript 3.0 didn't exist at the time and the only way to get this working was to get Flash 6 to do many many LineTo/MoveTo operations.

This was also submitted before I had written a more efficient implementation that used block boundary testing rather than a fixed interval. Unfortunately I never submitted it because I got distracted by other projects.

I see what you are trying to do.

I see what you are trying to do, but i don't think you made anything here really. I recognize the 3D ray-casting engine you used. I downloaded it a long time ago to learn off of. It used the same textures, and this brought back memories of walking around the simple map that came with it.

I see what you tried to do, so I give you a 4/5. If you're not going to code any special elements to the game or engine, I would at least get wolfenstein 3d textures for the walls.


It's an alright game.

It should be multiplayer. That would make it incredible.

Skeik responds:

Maybe once I get some skill in that area.

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This is awesome!

This song rocks!

The first few seconds reminded me of Daft Punk.. lol

tijnn responds:

Haha however it wasn't my intention to make it sound like Daft Awesome Punk, thanks for the review!



a lot better

much better likie this

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