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I'm programming a flash XML Socket Server!

2008-12-18 21:46:10 by dag10

Hey after making my last game, Flash-Tac-Toe, i realized something.

The method I used to make that is horrible because it doesn't use a REAL server, is not real-time, lags like shit, and data often "disappears".

I have been looking into XML Socket servers and realized that they are expensive..

So... My solution?

Program my own!

This week I started to learn java for this reason.
I pick up on programming languages fast, and I have already programmed a socket server in java that makes a "telnet chat room". This is a chat-room anybody can join using command prompt.
You can find a link I posted about it here: (i pretended i didn't make it BTW)
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 05902
Oh, and the server is now down, so don't bother connecting.

I am even thinking about selling my server once it is done and make a little moola.

(*hint hint* i may need free "beta" testers in the near future *hint hint*)

Any questions? PM me! :D

Oh, any ideas for a catchy name for my server?


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